Ropes trail


Ropes trail proposal

This Ropes trail is designed for Early years play. When not being used the rope can be removed to create an open space with a sculptural and tactile quality. It is made of 4 large Chesnut trunks that stand proud of 2m. Each trunk has log stepping stones to dismount/mount the rope from, or continue along the trail. The play is diverse in the way it offers the child to lead with left or right hand when following the trail. It also enables the child to progress as the longer sections of the trail are more difficult, progressing from the blue line to green and then to the long red line. The hands rope changes level between poles forcing the child to alter balance and weight. This structure is great for developing upper body strength. It is vital that upper body strength is developed from a young age, many common play forms these days (such as cycling, scootering and computer games) do not give the child the opportunity to practice this.

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Play structure proposal

This structure for creative play includes a number of engaging features including spiralling log steps leading up onto a walkway platform. One end of the structure will be lower for jumping off. The walkway has thick tactile rope hand rails for swinging and holding, this leads to the ‘tower’ that has a staircase and slide. The underneath of the structure will be used as an enticing tunnel space to explore. The tunnel will lead all the way under the structure, the sides will be covered using smooth chestnut poles, making spaces for peeping and hanging fabric from (but the correct size for not getting heads or limbs stuck!). The staircase side will have lots of movable parts to encourage engagement and allow the children to den build and make the space their own. It will have some hooks for netting and sheets, stumps and string. The structure is being made for children aged 3 and 4.
We are proud to say that all the wood for this structure will be sourced and processed by hand, by Colin the woodsman only 9 miles away from site in Haslemere.