Ropes trail


Ropes trail proposal

This Ropes trail is designed for Early years play. When not being used the rope can be removed to create an open space with a sculptural and tactile quality. It is made of 4 large Chesnut trunks that stand proud of 2m. Each trunk has log stepping stones to dismount/mount the rope from, or continue along the trail. The play is diverse in the way it offers the child to lead with left or right hand when following the trail. It also enables the child to progress as the longer sections of the trail are more difficult, progressing from the blue line to green and then to the long red line. The hands rope changes level between poles forcing the child to alter balance and weight. This structure is great for developing upper body strength. It is vital that upper body strength is developed from a young age, many common play forms these days (such as cycling, scootering and computer games) do not give the child the opportunity to practice this.

Bidwell Brook win award for Treehouse!

THE Treehouse Project at Bidwell Brook School, Dartington, will become a reality after it received £23,300 funding.

The aim is to build an accessible tree house designed to provide alternative sensory experiences for children with special needs and their families, allowing them to make better use of the outdoor activity areas the school has and enhance their choices and opportunities to express themselves, learn play and communicate.

A spokesman for the school said: “A big thank you to everyone who voted for us.

“This is an exciting and innovative project. We know it will benefit our pupils and families. We are also delighted to have these wonderful new resources to share with the community. We can’t wait to have a party in the Tree House.”

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