School Workshops

Each project we do is co-designed with pupils who learn about principles of structure, design and making. They experience the entire process of design; putting their ideas on paper then into 3D models and finally experiencing the final structure being constructed.

We offer workshops for any age and ability. We cater for all learning styles and leave room for experiential learning at different points during the day. The work produced by the children is really inspiring and insightful into how they interpret spaces and function.

Some of Our Workshops

• Design and engineering workshop – Students learn about some principles of structure and experiment experientially in groups building towers. Students also learn about structural drawings and the importance of planning.
• Materials workshop- Students learn about different woods and what makes them strong or weak. Observe the treehouse structure and notice similarities to the models made in previous workshop. Discussion about sourcing materials and sustainability. (Workshop can be adapted to fit in with current topics, e.g.- Toothpick bridges project to apply Pythagoras and trigonometry in engineering.)
• Coppicing workshop- using materials found in the school grounds the students will learn about traditional coppicing and use the wood for weaving and creating features on the treehouse.


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