Garden Treehouse complete

We finished work on the garden treehouse, check out the photos!

This Treespace is designed for a Mother and Son. The space is an engaging, cosy and usable space for both rest and play. A multi-stemmed Sycamore grows through the interior creating an animated ‘jungle-like’ atmosphere. The octagonal chestnut frame is cladded with Larch giving it a warm and rustic aesthetic. The space has multiple windows, some porthole windows for peeking, and 2 large floor to ceiling to create a light  and airy interior space. The smooth Larch decked floor makes a perfect platform for games and relaxation. Chunky brown rope used to edge the inside, it complements the grain of the natural timber. Covering the space is a sculptural whirling roof that is tiled with red cedar shingles and inside it is cladded with recycled coffee sacks. Built in a constrained Terrace garden space the structure has added a new dimension to home life.


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